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In the divorce process?

To minimize stress and losses, it is advisable to enlist the legal support of a professional fort collins divorce lawyer who can save your nerves, money, and time, find a way out of the most difficult situations without bringing conflicts to critical limits.

Divorce is usually a stressful and complex legal process. In most cases, the decision to divorce is made in the midst of a conflict between spouses, and therefore the divorce process is complicated by a tense emotional state and a lack of understanding between the spouses. Besides, during the procedure, you can face many questions:

  • Divorce in court with a family law fort collins;
  • Dissolution of marriage between a US citizen and a foreigner;
  • Divorce of spouses with common minor children;
  • Divorce involving one of the spouses;
  • Recognition of marriage as invalid;
  • Recognition of marriage as fictitious;
  • Reconciliation of spouses and cancellation of divorce proceedings.

Lawyers will provide full legal support to citizens in the process of divorce, including negotiating, drafting agreements on the division of property, determining the place of residence of children, establishing a procedure for communicating with children, provide advice on collecting alimony, and help resolve conflicts related to divorce.

Need to close your business through

Bankruptcy proceedings?

Do you want to be indebted to creditors after the termination of a legal entity or are you considering the issue of the bankruptcy of an individual?

A lawyer will help you with fort collins bankruptcy proceedings.

The bankruptcy process is very difficult, it consists of many stages that are not easy to understand, each of which has its own difficulties and nuances.

Our services can be directed to a turnkey bankruptcy procedure, or you can use them at certain stages:

  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and declaring the debtor bankrupt.
  • A dispute on the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings of an enterprise due to the inability of the latter to fulfill its obligations to pay taxes and fees.
  • Settlement agreements, reorganization.
  • Recognition of monetary creditors' claims.
  • Suspension, termination, and withdrawal of cases.
  • Exclusion of property from the liquidation estate or its inclusion.
  • Debtor liquidation procedure.
  • Invalidation of a public auction.
  • Recognition of transactions invalid.