Choosing a Bloomfield shredding company

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A shredder is a device familiar to most office workers and irreplaceable in places where confidential information is collected - for example, personal data of citizens or government classified documents. The task of the shredder and broomfield shredding events is to destroy documents by cutting them into small fragments, hence its second name - a paper shredder. Of course, shredders have to work with very different workloads in different offices. Somewhere it is needed to cut two or three documents in a day - and these are ordinary letters, commercial offers, memos, etc. Elsewhere, we are talking about secret documents, which in no case should be recovered, and these documents are entire folders. It is impractical to use the same devices for such different tasks, so you need to choose a shredder individually, and not buy the first one that comes along.

Basic parameters of the shredders

The purpose of every shredder may vary on its power, paper cutting parameters, and other characteristics. Therefore, if you decide to buy a paper shredder for office or personal use, first you need to think about many questions. Only after understanding them, you can easily decide whether you need a security level 7 industrial paper shredder or a regular personal medium-security shredder. Before choosing a shredder for broomfield recycling colorado, you need to determine what level of security you need. After all, if you have a paper shredder with a security level of 3, and you need to destroy especially secret documents of state importance, the case may end very badly. It depends on the level of secrecy whether the cuts will be parallel or cross, and what their size will be. Level 1 shredders are designed for ordinary papers that you just need to get rid of.

They make parallel cuts and shred documents up to 11 mm. Of course, putting the document back together and gluing it is not difficult, you don't need to be a super spy to do this. Therefore, even for official documents intended not for all employees, the second level of secrecy is recommended - up to 6 mm in size, the paper is cut into strips. The third level is for personal correspondence and confidential data, crosscutting used here, and the size of document fragments does not exceed 2 mm. The shredder is suitable for the most confidential papers in the office, including various types of reports and personal information, and the fifth, for documents that contain the most important company secrets - for example, new developments or development plans.

They shred paper into fragments up to 12 mm long and up to 2 mm wide, and no one can read anything on these scraps. The sixth and seventh levels of secrecy are no longer for commercial, but for state secrets. They assume the maximum degree of protection and the width of the fragments is no more than 1 mm, the length is no more than 5. A document destroyed in this way cannot be restored even with the help of special equipment. True, such a device works much slower than the average office one.

Selection features

You already know what shredders are in terms of performance and security level. When you don't use services broomfield shredding, you need to think about a few more things: how many people work in the office, how many unnecessary documents you usually accumulate per day, these are scattered documents or whole folders, what is the level of secrecy of these documents. You will also have to think about the issue of waste disposal.